Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Everyone should do OMBRE HAIR!! It's super super super FUN!!!!
Okay today was my first time doing this ombre hair and I'm addicted alreadyy! It was only temporary, but my friends keep telling me to do this permanently. Sadly I haven't got enough guts.. YET. Hahaha!

The make up:

Dress: Monday to Sunday (The GOODSDEPT), blazer: Invio, bracelet: H&M, ring: Little Things She Needs,
socks: Sox Gallery, black pumps: STC Senayan

After taking this pics I went out to see my friend at Mall of Indonesia and you're right. Everyone just couldn't stop starring at my hair. LOL! Yet I have this little project with my some of my Lookbook friends to just hang out someday with this ombre hair on! And we got to choose different color for each! haha I just can't wait!!


  1. what is ombre hair? hahaha. aku br dengar! n i didnt know u blog!!!!!! thank god i found this from ur tweet!

  2. ombre hair ituu seperti rambut gradasi gitu warnanyaa arioo. it's very cool, coba juga dongg kamuu! hihihi. ah aku emang jarang nge blogg ;)