Monday, December 10, 2012

Totally Enormous Extinct Self

What do I feel, or don’t feel?
Do I still feel?
If you fall, let yourself fall
And there’s no one to catch
Who to blame? You or the society?
Because yes love is just another form of society
How many times you were done with your lego house?
But then an angry kid smashed it down
Force you to start over
Until you don’t feel like starting anymore
It’s like living with your lego house in pieces
Or maybe living is not even a sufficient word anymore.
But hey cut the crap,
This is just some rare moment,
when you actually feel. again.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Speaking of Silence,

Here's my hopefully-not-too-conventional and not-too-critically literal description of the beauty of silence.

Beauty of silence is what you can find between your quality time with your playlist playing in a maximum volume possible while the whole world is rotating so noisily around you.

Beauty of silence is what you can find in a man you stalk behind your cool shades, saving the amusement for yourself.

Beauty of silence is what you can find when you can't even afford of being sober in the morning, and allow yourself to be dysfunctional for that day, to
live just in your mind.

Beauty of silence is what you can find when you value yourself high enough to not always force it to pay attention to every single word everyone's saying, and just give em a fake nod sometimes, while giving a silent peace in your mind.

Beauty of silence is what you can find when you say no to a saturday night with your friend sometimes, and find yourself spending the time quite amusingly somehow.

Beauty of silence is what you can find when you state you don't understand what the f*ck people around you are talking about and therefore not feeling guilty to draw yourself away from the conversation.

Emo much? LOL
Sorry for being such one, it's a part of myself. HAHAHA!
Well here it is to pay back my emo-ness and to bring you to a better mood and (and better place than your computer screen!):

So last long weekend I had this amazing trip with my friends to a heaven on earth called Gili Trawangan. I told my friends I wanted to write about the trip in my blog, cause I can't risk forgetting about every single details about it later in the future. Well but it's not possible, not possible at all to write everything about it in a blog. There would be too many improper-deleted stories and the writing won't be amusing anymore. LOL. So it's officially not gonna be shared! :p
But this part down here won't hurt though:

Beauty of silence is what you can find when you have such breakfast by the beach:

(Photo by Jessi Ayudia)

This is the view from my hotel gazebo where we had breakfast every day and sitting for hours allowing ourself enjoy the hangover part while starring at the beach for hours! Imagine that kind of silence and peace in the mind and the ears.

And I was talking about this kind of beach!!

Speaking of silence again, I've known many definitions of beauty of silence, not that silent-kind-of-silent, if you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I've tasted it, lived with it, but I never knew the most beautiful one until I visited this island last week. Heaven on earth. Peace of (damaged) mind. Damaged brain to be exact. LOL!