Tuesday, October 4, 2011

from camera with love

What do people do at such long vacation? Traveling? shopping? hang out with friends everyday?Doing DVD marathon, play games? Well I did most of them, enjoyed my holiday like common people with their common vacation. Feeling bloody unproductive. HAHAHA.

Well one thing I did that is not unproductive is these photoshoots. Me love photoshoots! I love wearing cool make up and hairdo, beautiful clothes, and (TRY) posing for great pictures. I do have tons of photos from quite a long time ago, and I'm kinda not interested in putting them here. So here are the latest ones! me love!!

Wardrobe by Winda Halomoan,
Photographers: Ricky Reonardus & Michael Wong
Make up & hairdo by Marcella

These are the cool photographers Ricky & M. Wong !

and the team!

oh and I got to take pictures with Naomi Lee! So gorgeousss, I'm a fan :*

Well I did some interesting stuffs this morning, I did made a temporary ombre hair and took some pics, will post about it later. Sooo excited!

PS. Tomorrow's still a holiday. Wish me luck in being productive ;)

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